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Welcome to the Heart of Pennsylvania Elk Hunting: Experience Authenticity and Success with Quehanna Outfitters!

At Quehanna Outfitters, we stand firmly in the tradition of Pennsylvania elk hunting, blending our commitment to ethical hunting, professionalism, and trustworthiness to offer an unmatched experience. As one of the region’s most reputable outfitters, we continually push our boundaries to deliver even greater experiences.

Choosing Quehanna Outfitters for your elk hunt means choosing assurance. We boast a solid 100% success rate for bull hunts, an impressive 95% success rate for cow hunts, and unwavering victories across the majority of hunting zones. With Quehanna Outfitters, you’re not just partaking in a hunt; you’re embarking on a journey to fulfilling your hunting aspirations.

Elk Tango

Outstanding Elk Hunting Experience

The Lowdown

Howdy! I am Bill May and alongside my wife, Janie, we proudly own and operate Quehanna Outfitters. Residing in the heart of elk territory in Zone 10, we live and breathe the spirit of the wilderness all year round.

My journey into the world of elk hunting began in the early 80s, with self-guided archery elk hunts across WY, CO, UT, and ID. Following my passion for wildlife, I transitioned into a role as a crew supervisor for the PA Game Commission’s Quehanna Food and Cover Crew. This experience allowed me to work intimately with the elk expansion project, establishing and maintaining elk habitat across the PA Elk Range. It was through these endeavors that I gained invaluable knowledge and understanding of the PA Elk herd.

In 2007, after a fulfilling career in wildlife habitat enhancement, I retired. However, my love for elk and hunting gave birth to Quehanna Outfitters, a venture that allows me to share my love for elk and the art of hunting with others. For over 15 years now, I have served as an experienced and dedicated elk guide, turning hunting trips into unforgettable wilderness experiences.

Quehanna Outfitters embodies more than just our love for elk and hunting. It stands as a testament to our commitment to provide you with an exceptional, immersive elk hunting experience that respects the wildlife and the environment. Trust us to be your guide in your next elk hunting adventure, and rest assured, it will be an experience like no other.

Big Bull Elk

Experienced Guides

Our guides are all licensed, permitted, and insured. Our topnotch guides provide a first-class elk hunt. You will not find a more accomplished group of guides anywhere in the elk range with excellent knowledge of the elk range. They are also knowledgeable about elk habits, locations, and behavior. They are familiar and experienced guiding in the zone you are hunting. Our guides work as a team and take pride in the success and reputation they have gained over the years. Taking everything into account, Quehanna Outfitters is an outfitter you can trust to provide you with an outstanding elk hunting experience.


Knowledgable guides who know the range and elk habits, location and behavior

Ethical Hunt

We respect the land, the animals, and the hunt. We pride ourselves on professionalism

Success Stories

Check out our success stories and let them speak for themselves


Success Rate on Bulls

Al Scott


Bill May

Bill May


Chuck Stone

Honorary Guide - May He Rest In Peace

My name is Chuck Stone and I am an elk hunting guide for Quehanna Outfitters. I started hunting at a very young age on our family farm and has become a huge part of my life.
I love archery hunting deer, bear, and turkey and only pick up a rifle if I’m not successful during the bow season, which seems to be happening more in the past few years as I spend most of my archery season scouting for elk.
Although I have elk hunted a couple time in Colorado, it was not till I drew a zone 2 bull tag in 2015 that the elk guiding bug really bit me. I know how exciting it is to be drawn for an elk tag and enjoy sharing your excitement of being drawn for a hunt of a lifetime.
I started guiding for Quehanna Outfitters in 2016 and have proven myself as a very successful elk guide every year.
As your elk guide, you will not find anyone that will work as hard as I do to make your hunt successful

Dave Billotte


Dave Billotte, II is a farrier ( horse shoer) by trade. When he isn’t shoeing, training or competing in cowboy mounted shooting he is riding the mountains of PA and enjoying the grandeur of what nature has to offer. An affectionado of the old west and firearms of the era, he prefers to usually hunt with a lever action. 

Dave Lotridge


Dave’s love of the outdoors started at a very young age, fishing streams, lakes and eventually the Atlantic Ocean while spending summers at his grandparents home in Wildwood, New Jersey. Hunting came late in his twenties wherein he was mentored by his father-in-law, an avid Deer hunter, going up to his cabin for rifle season in Susquehanna County for many years.

After moving out to the “country”, Chester County, Dave’s love of hunting grew to include archery hunting for deer. One of his favorite places to be is in southern Potter County, WMU 2G, hunting for deer, turkey and black bear.

In 2020, Daves dream of hunting an Elk in Pennsylvania came true when he won the lottery for a bull tag. On November 2 2020 he harvested a beautiful 8×8 bull. Because of that dream come true, Dave has a passion to help others bring their own dream to fruition in guiding them to harvesting an Elk of their own.

Dave is happily married to his wife Colleen, they have a daughter and a son along with two grandchildren.

Jim Kauffman


Jim Kauffman is a Wildlife Biologist by trade, with degrees from Penn State and East Stroudsburg University. Throughout his career he has worked for multiple state and federal agencies, pursuing his passion of wildlife research and management. Jim enjoys many recreational aspects of the outdoors, including hunting, fishing, wildlife photography, traveling, exploring nature, and spending time at his family’s cabin. Jim has been an elk guide with Quehanna Outfitters since 2018. In that time he has successfully guided two cow hunters and two bull hunters, which included the harvest of a bull with traditional archery equipment. Jim enjoys guiding to ensure an enjoyable, ethical hunting experience for those lucky enough to draw a Pennsylvania elk tag. Jim resides in Berks County with his girlfriend Adrienne and miniature dachshund, Schnitz. 

Jim Teats


Steve Shuster


Steve comes from a long line of hunters and fisherman with skills passed down through generations. It all started in 1948 when my Grandfather found a small cabin in Potter County later known as the Shoe Box Too. From my Grandfather to my Dad spending time together hunting and fishing has played an important part of my life.

Steve’s number one passion is archery hunting each fall for Elk. Steve loves guiding for Quehanna Outfitters delivering lifelong memories.
Steve, has over thirty five years in the Outdoor business with Gore and the Sitka brand. His favorite place is spending time unplugged at his cabin in Potter County “God’s Country” Pa. in Zone 14.

Steve is happily married to his wife Diane and has one son Jacob.

Will Leete


Born and raised in Potter County, and currently living and working within the PA elk range as a forester, Will enjoys spending his days outdoors hunting, fishing and hiking throughout north central PA. Will also enjoys the occasional trip to Montana or Colorado. Time in the PA Wilds amongst our beautiful elk herd is always time well spent.

Services and Pricing





Dedicated, one-on-one guidance for an entire week of hunting (Monday to Saturday, while the archery season runs from Saturday to Saturday)

Comprehensive field care, ensuring your elk is properly handled and removed from the woods after it’s downed.

Assistance at the check station to ensure smooth processing.

Skinning and quartering services for your elk.

We can also provide recommendations for a trusted local butcher

50% deposit for hunt required upon booking.  Partial Hunt packages and discounts not available.

Additional Details

Testimonials & References

Tom Mitchell

Quehanna Outfitters (Bill and Janie May) did a wonderful job in arranging this hunt, lodging at Lakeview Store and Cabins, food, and lining up superior guides.  Tip of the hat to Kolton and many high fives to Dave Lotridge, who accompanied us on this hunt.  We hunted the week of Oct 31 General Season Zone 14 in area of Kettle Creek. Dave spotted the cow elk, determined that it was legal and advised that this elk could be taken or we could look for another one.  One shot at 75 yards from 300 Winchester Magnum and the elk was down at 7:40AM on the first day of the season.  Dave set to work field dressing the elk and gathering necessary specimens, assisted by my nephew.  Next came a visit from a local farmer who brought Friday, a Percheron, and the elk was pulled out of the woods.  We later took the elk to the check station at Visitor’s Center, Benezette.  The elk was examined by the PGC employees plus representatives of Penn State University.  They stated the elk had live weight of 425 lbs. We returned to Lakeview and celebrated with other successful hunters in camp.  As a lifelong PA hunter, this Elk Hunt is the high point in PA hunting.  This was a complete success and if I would get a chance to do it again, I’d do it with Quehanna Outfitters. 


I originally booked my hunt with Quehanna Outfitters and a guide was assigned to
me for my unit 14 late season cow hunt. Due to unforeseen circumstances there
was a change in guides two weeks before my hunt. So I was concerned about how
my hunt would go.

My new guide was Steve Shuster. Over a couple days period I talked to Steve
several times and I felt much better. He was optimistic and very positive. I also
knew at that point, he would work very hard and not give up on my hunt. It was
a tough late season hunt, it was hard to find cows in unit 14 on ground we could
hunt. Steve kept in touch with the other personnel from Quehanna to try to
locate cows. And he used their advice to our advantage. On day 4 of my hunt
we caught up to some cows and we had my elk on the ground. Steve helped to
make this an exciting and unforgettable experience.

I also appreciate that Steve was very accommodating  and worked out a
way that I could stay at his camp for several days of the hunt when my
brother’s camp was no longer available, and I needed a place to stay.

I would recommend that anyone who is lucky enough to draw a PA elk tag
to contact Steve Shuster and Quehanna Outfitters.

Donny Henderson

I was blessed to harvest a large cow on the first day of the 2022 general elk season with Steve by my side. He and I made a great team we had great communication and both were focused on the task at hand. I highly recommend Steve Shuster as an elk hunting guide.

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